African Legal Support Facility – Power Africa Partnership

Africa’s power deficit is considered one of the biggest inhibitors to the Continent’s economic progress.  Much effort is being made to accelerate access to power.
Many African countries are initiating projects with their first Independent Power Producer. These involve complex negotiations which governments may not have the relevant experience or expertise to conduct. The complexity is compounded by the lack of capacity, inadequate legal frameworks, and a framework of reference
It is unsurprising therefore, that advisory services in the power sector make up almost 40 percent of the Facility’s work.  As such, alliances with development partners focused on this area have become an increasing priority.
In May 2014, the African Legal Support Facility (ALSF) entered into a partnership with the United States Government, through USAID and its Power Africa Initiative, to support African Governments negotiating contracts in the energy sector.
This successful partnership facilitates the engagement of specialized international legal counsel and national counsel to work with government officials to navigate the negotiation process.  Since 2014, Power Africa funding has supported and continues to support ALSF projects in a number of countries including Ethiopia, Senegal, Benin and Sierra Leone. Whilst the identification of projects in which the ALSF can offer assistance remains an invaluable element of this partnership the relationship goes beyond that, cultivating its unique nature.
In addition to the advisory services, the collaboration has led to capacity building initiatives and the development of a series of knowledge management tools to expedite and complement the  mutual goals of addressing